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How SimplyPHP Works Hard to Protect Our Clients

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SimplyPHP, How SimplyPHP Works Hard to Protect Our Clients
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SimplyPHP Developers Work Hard for Your Protection!

Right from the very beginning, we’ve taken pride in the fact that SimplyPHP is a solutions-oriented company. We work hard to ensure our developers provide high-quality work, and we’ve put measures and policies in place to guarantee our clients feel protected.

However, not every development company feels the same way. We’re used to getting calls and emails from potential clients who are afraid they’ve been taken advantage of by their current development team. They’re eager for our help, and we want to help them.

However, roughly four out of every ten people that call us are too far beyond our help. Either their code is too poor, or they no longer have access to their code base, making it impossible for us to even see what they’re working with. We always want to support organizations or individuals abandoned by their developer (, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

These cases of companies being taken advantage of by developers aren’t new, and over the years have pushed us to develop a model that better serves clients.

Our Approach to Putting Clients First

Since our foundation in 2010, we’ve worked hard to create an organizational model that provides stability and encouragement to both developers and clients. We believe that developers who are supported provide higher-quality work, which in turn makes our clients’ lives easier.

As we’ve said before: Happy Clients = Happy Employees = Successful Business = Happy Owners.

In the past, we’ve spoken extensively about our approach to creating a developer-friendly work environment. We call this our Centre of Excellence model. However, we’ve put an equal amount of thought into developing policies that protect clients.

The Measures We Put in Place to Protect Clients

Fortunately, many of the measures that keep our working environment a positive and supportive place for developers are also fundamental to protecting clients. Here are some of the processes we’ve put in place to ensure we’re continually prioritizing the safety of our clients and their development projects.

Multiple Devs Per Code Base

We believe that developers work best when they can collaborate with and bounce ideas off their colleagues. However, this is only one of the reasons why we encourage our team to work closely together on projects.

Even on the smallest development projects, we ensure that multiple devs are well-acquainted with the code base. This helps protect our clients in the event that their primary developer gets into an accident, has to take some time off, or gets pulled away for any other reason.

Secured Credentials

We maintain stringent confidentiality standards when it comes to our clients’ credentials. We store all our passwords and logins in an encrypted vault and ensure that developers can never share them through insecure methods like Slack or email.

Instead, developers can generate an encrypted PIN that can only be used once. This is the only available method for sharing credentials between developers, ensuring your data is never left vulnerable to hackers or other bad actors.

Hands-On Account Managers

Our hands-on account managers are a central link between clients and developers, facilitating communication about code reviews, notes, and other feedback.

If there’s ever an incident with a staff member or any other issue that needs to be resolved, our account managers are the first on the scene, helping developers work through a plan that can be presented to the client.

Open Lines of Communication

While account managers serve as a vital link between developers and clients, undoubtedly their most important role is to keep lines of communication open throughout the project. We prioritize offering clients regular updates and strive to ensure they are never in the dark about what’s happening on their projects.

Floating Staff Members

One of the best hiring choices we’ve made is to ensure that we always have 1-2 staff members serving as project floaters. This means that at any given time, we have a few developers who are not assigned to any specific project but instead float between teams. This ensures we always have staff available if we need to handle an emergency or take on an urgent new project.

How Does Your Team Measure Up?

How do our policies and practices compare to teams you’ve worked with before?

If this all sounds wonderful yet unattainable, we’re here to tell you it’s not. All of these measures are common-sense practices that not only protect clients but keep developers happy, too.

Want to learn more about our approach to development? Check out our website to learn more about the services we offer our clients.