We provide Full Stack PHP Programming services on a full or part-time basis.

Located in Canada, our in-house team of Full Stack Developers and system administrators can seamlessly become an extension of your team. Our flexible solutions allow you to staff up or staff down on demand.

Staff Augmentation

When faced with the need for additional resources, and adding new php developers or hiring full-time employees is not possible, our Center of Excellence Team is there for you.

As your go to staff augmentation company, our goal is to provide you with experienced, professional PHP developers that follow industry standards. We offer an extensive pool of on-demand resources, highly skilled in emerging PHP technologies, such as Laravel services and AWS/ Server Management. Our Center of Excellence Team are trained to provide results as an extension of your team. Whether you need a part-time resource or several full-time resources, our decades of experience in php development has created a flexible solution for your needs.

Project Based

For clients that have a scope of work and are looking for us to complete their custom PHP App Development project, we have a system that we follow that has been improving over the past decade.

There has never been a project in the history of web development without changes, surprises or unknowns. Our system puts all of the chances on our side to eliminate bad surprises. When working on project based scenarios, we use custom templates from JIRA. Using these modern industry standard tools, combined with transparent communication from our PHP consultants, makes for successful delivery of projects.

AWS/Server Management

Being a PHP web development company and having to rely on a third-party for all things server, would be a nightmare. Our sys-admin staff is at your disposal.

When you are one of our Clients you have optional access to our sys-admin team. This collaboration between engineers and server experts is vital to the success of any web project. We do not rely on a third party when it comes to server administration. Our Sys-admins are at the disposal of our engineers and are added to projects when needed.

Technologies we know

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Let’s TALK

Do you need a php development company or do you need to add new php developers to your team? Don’t be shy, we enjoy speaking with potential clients to see if we are a good fit.

We have people standing by during regular office hours in order to direct your call. You can also fill out the contact form to schedule a meeting with us in short order. A meeting to discuss your needs is all we need to determine if we’re the right solution for you.