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SimplyPHP helps youth travel foundation transform with exciting new partnership

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SimplyPHP, Simplyphp helps youth travel foundation transform with exciting new partnership
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“We’re proud to have sponsored Youth Travel Foundation as we believe in the knowledge and growth that comes with travelling and opening oneself up to other cultures.” says Raphael Leroux, (Partner) “Aiding in the redesign and expansion of their site will not only benefit them as a company, but will also impact so many young adults who seek to broaden their horizons through internships and travel abroad.”

The Youth Travel Foundation encourages young people to further their education and training through travel and international experiences. Every year, they award three types of grants to young travellers or groups of travellers who submit their projects for travel, work or studies, anywhere in the world. Since their doors were opened in 1993, more than 600 young people have completed a travel project with the help of grants provided by the organization.

“We have limited funds available for administration and even less when it comes to building a new website,” says Dragos Cacio, Development Coordinator – HI Membership & Youth Travel Foundation, “SimplyPHP has been very generous with their time and expertise which took a complex template and customized it beyond its original scope to make a more interesting, interactive and easy to navigate site.”

With the launch of the new website, Youth Travel Foundation is confident that outreach and donation campaigns as well as other sponsorship opportunities for the organization will grow, allowing YTF to help more youth achieve their travel project goals.

As for the future of their users, Cacio also believes that the sponsorship from SimplyPHP will enhance user experience by providing a platform where users will be able to log into user profiles, change forms and documents as well as update their projects, all providing better access to the grants available to them.

For more information about the Youth Travel Foundation visit .