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Simplyphp helps compassionate dog breeders chenil l’aile bleue with updated website

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SimplyPHP, Simplyphp helps compassionate dog breeders chenil l'aile bleue with updated website
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Unlike many other breeders, Chenil l’Aile Bleue follows sustainable and healthy breeding practices that meet national standards set by associations like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

The dogs at Chenil l’Aile Bleue are all healthy and well-loved, and are checked for multiple genetic diseases before being placed with their new families. The dogs lead busy and fulfilling lives with Dominic and Marie-Eve in St-François Île d’Orléans, where they can run and play along the beautiful the St. Lawrence River Estuary.

In addition to breeding Yellow, Chocolate, and Black labs, Chenil l’Aile Bleue offers dog boarding, dressage, and other dog-related services. Dominic and Marie-Eve are also advocates for sustainable and healthy breeding practices, and work to fight against bad breeding practices.

As friends of SimplyPHP, we were interested in updating their outdated website, but it became even more important to us a year ago. In 2018, Dominic and Marie-Eve experienced a massive house fire, and lost 15 of their dogs. The new website gives them an opportunity to showcase their business as they rebuilds their lives.

“The reason we did their website is because Dominic and Marie-Eve are not only our friends, they’re running their business in the right way. They don’t abuse the animals, and they take great care of them. Neither of them are in it for the money at all- they do it because they want to give their dogs the best life possible,” says SimplyPHP co-founder Raph Leroux.

As SimplyPHP had designed their initial website, our developers were eager to build up a beautiful and functional new online presence. Their new website features an easy-to-use interface and plenty of photos of adorable puppies.

For more information on Chenil l’Aile Bleue, or to adopt a cute pup of your own, visit