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Simplyphp and the hammerband make music together in a new partnership

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The Hammer Band
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“We’re ecstatic to know that our sponsorship of The Hammer Band will help at risk youth find joy in music and potentially avoid being caught up in gang violence and organized crime.” says Raphael Leroux (Partner) “Helping in the redesign and relaunch of their site will not only benefit the organization as they aim to bring on more sponsors and donors, but will also impact so many young children in some of the toughest urban neighbourhoods in the country who are at risk of falling into a gang mentality and lifestyle.”

World-renowned Canadian violinist Moshe Hammer founded The Hammer Band in 2007. His vision: to prevent violence in all its forms – from school bullying to gangs with guns. How? Offer children music education that promotes self-esteem, empathy and tolerance.

More than 2,500 students have already participated in The Hammer Band. Today, the program is available in 35 Toronto public schools, and growing! Teachers, principals and parents see the benefits every day. The Hammer Band kids are happier, more engaged with school and with each other, and are proud of their accomplishments. It is little wonder that families and communities come together to support their children’s music-making, and that we have a school waiting list.

“We are delighted with our ‘new look’ website designed by SimplyPHP. It is bright, clear and is successful in inviting visitors,” says Moshe Hammer, founder of The Hammer Band, “Raphael and Tony have been exceptionally supportive of our work. The last fundraiser at SimplyPHP sent a generous donation to The Hammer Band, and we are truly grateful.”

With the launch of the new website, Moshe is confident that outreach and donation campaigns as well as other sponsorship opportunities for the organization will grow, allowing him and the organization to reach more at risk youth and help them “change their tune.”

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