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You might not need a day off

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SimplyPHP, You might not need a day off
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Have you ever felt so tired that all you want is a day (or more) off? For many of us, we’ll come back to work and be just as tired as we were before. You’re not alone, and most likely, you simply targeted the wrong problem.

Sometimes, life feels just like this image. You got your day off and were looking forward to it, only to realize that you are bored and don’t know what to do. In most cases, you didn’t really need a day off of work, you need to clean up your life a little bit.

We underestimate how every single area of our life impacts each other. Here are the main areas of life, and every single one can make your life miserable, even if all the other areas are going well.

Personal Growth
Social Life

We often blame our exhaustion on work because we spend a third of our lives doing it. So, when we feel down, it’s really easy to think it’s work related. Think about dogs. If you ring the exact same bell whenever a dog is eating, it will associate the bell with eating and satisfaction. Same with humans. If we feel down whenever we work, we think it’s about work.

One quick way to find out what area of your life is screwing up the rest is to ask yourself as many why questions as possible. Refer to this URL below. You’re not alone, and you can solve this. Good luck!