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Two years of loneliness

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SimplyPHP, Two years of loneliness
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It’s officially been 2 years since we’ve started working remotely! This applies to most people, not just us.

Today, we just wanted to check in. How do you feel? Do you miss your colleagues? Do you think you feel better or worse? More or less stressed?

LOTS of remote workers have cut their social interactions massively, and even if you’re an introvert, that is not good. Although you might be thinking (or lying to yourself) that you’re fine and actually feel better being at home, well, wait until you go to the restaurant and see the waiters with no facemask, then see how you feel.

Something happens within our mind when we interact with people, when we see their smiles or see their mouths move while they’re talking. We’ve been deprived of that for way too long. It’s slowly starting to come back, but it’s still unknown how the last 2 years have affected our mental health.

If your company offers an option to return to the office part-time, consider it. If you don’t want to, at least go out and talk to people. Being at home 22 hours a day is a vicious cycle. It might be convenient, but in the long run, you’ll lose dramatically.

You don’t have to participate in activities or hang out in bars, but if you can go out daily and see other people, that alone is a massive improvement.

And by the way: Hi, how’s it going, bud? I hope you’re having a fantastic day!