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Today’s hiring isn’t like it was 20 years ago

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SimplyPHP, Today's hiring isn't like it was 20 years ago
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This is especially true in IT. I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the last 20 years, and one thing I’ve learned is that you will always make hiring mistakes. So, why waste so much time trying to hire the perfect candidate?

Let’s talk about developers. If you have a few years of experience, you can probably hire based on your gut feeling, and you’d likely have the same success compared to organizing a complex hiring process with three interviews and 2,000 questions. And in any case, why waste your time and the candidates’ time?

Also, since you won’t know beforehand whether the candidate will work out, why not try them? There is no better way to tell if someone will work well with your company, I can guarantee you that. The only moment I’d rather not try a candidate is when they’ve been working for a company for a long time. In that situation, I’d feel too bad asking them to quit that job for us if I’m not 100% sure they’ll work out, but that’s just me.

In the end, within one interview, you can easily know if a candidate could work for you. If you’re not technical and need a team member to evaluate them, then either bring them on or schedule a second interview. That’s how we do hiring at SimplyPHP, and frankly, it’s an easy process for everyone.

And remember, you’ll screw up.