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The top 5 reasons we love AWS!

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SimplyPHP, The top 5 reasons we love AWS
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In late 2021, it was discovered that AWS was in control of 32% of the market, followed by its closest competitor with only 21%. Whenever I’ve discussed AWS vs. other cloud services, it quickly became an emotional discussion. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, here are our top 5 (actually 6) reasons why we are so in love with AWS:

1. It has a more straightforward interface
2. It offers a lot more services and customization options
3. Lots of possibilities for documentation
4. Many open source solutions
5. It’s compatible with many services, including IAAS, Cloudformation, Terraform, Serverless.
6. It boasts better overall CPU performance

With that being said, I know some will have different opinions, which is totally cool. As I said, these are just our reasons. What’s yours?