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The main reasons why old programming languages still exist

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SimplyPHP, The main reasons why old programming languages still exist
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This is one thing the past teaches us. Once in a while, an IT person will stumble on an app that’s running on code that’s 20+ years old. Usually, their response is, WTF!

Why does this still happen? The reasons are both complex and straightforward.

One main reason is that we didn’t know as much about scope creep in the past and didn’t think too much about how this would affect the future. So, tons of companies developed applications that did so much they would never be able to get out of it. As you’re reading this, I know certain apps come to mind.

Then, once they realized they would be stuck with it, they didn’t invest any money to get out of it or at least improve their situation. It’s as if they thought a fairy would eventually show up with some fantastic idea to save them.

Nowadays, we know better. We develop scalable applications (and by we, I mean intelligent IT people), and we maintain and update the code base while developing properly and refraining from running quick patches.

We’ve all heard the phrase “no one gets fired for hiring [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE].” Indeed, this is another example of why this problem will continue to exist.

Whenever you advise someone about development, try your best to advise them like you’d guide a good friend, and don’t let them create this foreseeable nightmare.