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The easiest way to be happy at work

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SimplyPHP, The easiest way to be happy at work
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When you’re asked to think about the most common issues that affect you in the workplace, what comes to mind? You might say:

– Your salary
– Your boss
– Your day-to-day work

If we limit our examples to those three points, what do they have in common? Please don’t say, “They’re out of my control!”

Because really, they could be within your control if you could become more adept at communication. Learning to communicate what’s on your mind and your expectations with delicacy can help make any day at work more manageable.

The second most common issue is having unrealistic expectations. There, I said it. I mean, obviously, when you get hired, you are supposed to have laid down your expectations. Then, if you want to have a happy life, have no expectations from others. That’s correct. Don’t expect that crazy raise, promotion, etc. Those will come in time.

The second point is particularly important to master. It’s not simple, I must admit, but when you live one day at a time, things get much more manageable. A wise man once told me: “Try to take your previous breath. Can’t you? Try taking the next one. You can’t? That’s right. You can only focus on taking the current breath.”

Just those two points could solve 80% of your stress at work, and yes, it’s possible to have a prick of a boss, in which case you’d simply leave and move on.

Good luck!