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The consequences of the consequence.

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SimplyPHP, The consequences of the consequence.
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This post doesn’t just apply to development businesses or developers. It’s true for every type of business and employee and has applications in both your personal and professional life as well. 

If you’re going to impose a consequence as the result of an action; whether it’s done by an employee, a client, or a supplier, you must be smart and evaluate what type of consequences your decision will bring to the table. There will always be consequences when you set a consequence. In other words, are your actions going to create a snowball effect? 

Many people think inside the box and never look at another person’s point of view. If you’re considering setting a consequence in response to someone’s actions, ask yourself these questions first: 

  • Am I basing this decision on my own ego?
  • Is this the right thing to do?
  • If I was in his or her shoes, how would I react?
  • What’s my gut telling me? 

If the answer to those questions makes you upset, maybe wait a few hours or days before making the call. Negative emotions are often bad advisors.