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Stop overthinking everything. You don’t know anyway.

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SimplyPHP, Stop overthinking everything. You don't know anyway
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I was initially uncertain about writing this post, but then I realized that it applies to development as well as life. 

Thinking is a drug. Yes, you read that correctly. You know, when you “have to think” about a situation to make sure you cover all possible scenarios, it can also be a way of preventing yourself from making a decision. Sounds familiar, right? 

“I need to think about it” is a scary sentence, unless someone is known for thinking objectively and taking decisive action once everything is analyzed. However, a lot of people escape from making decisions by “thinking about it”. 

Since no one has a crystal ball, why would you spend precious time trying to figure out what you don’t, and will never know? There’s a saying that goes: 

1 option = no choice.

2 options = a dilemma.

3+ options = a real choice. 

So, if you’re struggling between A or B and you can’t make the call, just pick one. Scary, eh? 

Well, since you don’t know what will happen, the only way to learn the best option is to pick one, while having the flexibility to change your mind if it doesn’t work out. 

Perfect decisions don’t exist. If you really had a choice (meaning 3 options or more) then you certainly have removed one already (at least unconsciously).  

Making decisions can be really easy.