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Standing out in your company

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SimplyPHP, Standing out in your company
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This might be a short post because the solution is very simple. So, you have some ambition and would like to stand out within your company. Great!

The two main drivers of success in this area are authenticity and empathy. You can’t mimic caring about your company or having empathy. So, the first thing to figure out is, do you actually like your company? If so, let’s continue.

Think about how much you could get done in a day if you were solely driven by your company’s best interests. That’s what you have to do to stand out, truly. Here are a few examples:

– It would make a big difference if you’d wrap up something today and leave 30 minutes later.

– It would benefit your company if you’d take care of a task not in your job description.

– It would help another employee if you’d support her in achieving a goal.

– It would make the company look good if you could solve a problem for a client.

And so on. What is the common thread within all those examples? It’s simple. Just do the right thing.

Even if that doesn’t work, even if you don’t get that fat raise, even if no one notices, you will still have done the right thing.