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Simplyphp: our history and our values

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Simplyphp: our history and our values
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SimplyPHP PHP Staffing Solutions

SimplyPHP is a vibrant, growing web development company that specializes in using PHP to craft sleek, functional websites and ecommerce solutions for clients. Our two biggest values are innovation, and improvement. These values have been a driving force since before the company was formed by Raph Leroux and Tony Capozzi in 2010.

Originally, our two co-founders were given the opportunity to acquire the Mentel Company. They immediately combined their skills to make the company as successful as possible. Both came from unique backgrounds, and brought in their own skill sets honed from years of experience to make the venture a success. They diversified into web development, and offered unique services through a number of different brands. SimplyPHP was the result of this rewarding development period, and soon they decided to make PHP their focus, making the tough decision to leave behind the Mentel name.

Earlier in their careers, both Raph and Tony experienced the challenges of hiring both offshore and nearshore web development companies. One of their first goals for SimplyPHP was to use their own personal experience as clients to shape the services that they offered. They wanted to offer their own clients a more personalized, communicative experience when outsourcing their web development. They set themselves up for success by hiring talented developers who understood their approach, and created a fun, open working environment where they could collaborate and work on projects together. The first five years were a challenge, but they were able to turn their failures into learning opportunities that vastly improved the quality of their service.


The primary goal for SimplyPHP has always been to offer high-quality web development services to our clients. Everything we’ve learned so far has been an opportunity for growth, and we’re still implementing new ways to make our service even better. The values of innovation and improvement that were Tony and Raph’s driving force in the company’s early years are still a huge motivating factor for our whole staff. No one working at SimplyPHP is content with an average performance- the goal has always been to build one of Montreal’s best web development companies while bringing value to both staff and clients. We’ve been hiring continually over the last few years and are always excited to hear from potential staff who share our values.


When a team is assembled for a new client project, they’re led by a project coordinator, who takes the lead communicating with the client. After assigning the project a coordinator, each team is carefully calibrated, and each person’s individual strengths are taken into account. Our managers also put a lot of thought towards how the project’s staff work together, and what synergy can be created when a group of people with diverse skills collaborate. Once work on the project begins, each interdisciplinary team has a weekly check in to make sure the work is on track. In addition to the scheduled weekly meetings, our staff all work in our open-concept office, which allows them to easily bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate and problem solve with ease.

At SimplyPHP, we’ve built a diverse team of 40+ staff members who have come to us with unique skills and a broad history of successful web development projects. The majority of our staff have been with us for more than 5 years, with a remarkable 40% who have more than 10 years of seniority. When we hire a new staff member, we invest in their success with a competitive salary, flexible hours, and a fantastic health and dental insurance package

Many of our staff consider our office a home away from home, and it’s easy to see why. We’re located right next to Peel Metro station, and we offer a fully-stocked kitchen complete with breakfast and lunch ingredients like yogurt, granola, bread, cold cuts, and lots of chocolate. If you’re taking a break or want to hang out after work, you can play darts, use the PS4, or challenge a co-worker to a game of foosball or tabletop hockey.


One of the most important values that we look for in a potential staff member is communication. A person with a solid PHP background is valuable, but staff members who thrive at our company are always those that value communication and are committed to being open and honest with their colleagues and managers. Raph and Tony’s office door is always open, and staff members are encouraged to bring problems to them personally, so they can take an active role in its resolution.


SimplyPHP is growing at a rapid pace. If you’re a skilled PHP developer, and think that you’d fit in well with our staff, we’d love to hear from you. We’re accepting resumes on a rolling basis, and are always eager to make connections in the web development community even if we currently don’t have any open positions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our hiring process.