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Should you turn on your webcam

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Is it better to have your camera on or your camera off in meetings?

Absolutely YES for “ON”! However, some people still refuse, citing privacy concerns.

Have you ever had a call with someone who has their webcam off while yours is on? It’s awkward, isn’t it? Obviously, things are different if it’s just a quick call or a Slack Huddle.Slack Huddle

For almost three years now, we’ve had many interactions with other people without being able to see their faces. This lack of social interaction has been damaging and confusing. Damaging in the sense that seeing smiles helps to promote social bonding, and without it, it’s harder to build meaningful relationships. It can also be confusing because, as humans, we need to observe the other person’s emotions to understand if what we’re saying is good.

Imagine going bowling, but you can’t see the pins after you throw the ball. It’s that confusing. With a full view of someone’s face, it gets a lot easier.

Turning the webcam on is a simple thing to do. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for others. You may not give a damn about it, but your colleague might.

Some people might believe it’s a way for companies to see if their employees are working.** Well, if so, change companies.** Honest companies won’t do it for that reason. They just want to have regular conversations while bonding with their employees.

Smiling is good for everyone.

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