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Should you let your developer (or employee) go? Probably.

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SimplyPHP, Should you let your developer (or employee) go? Probably.
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This applies to everyone. 

If you’re wondering if one of your employees needs to be let go, they likely do. Besides, letting someone go can be a great thing. Why?  

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Assuming you offer great conditions and salaries, it takes a lot of courage for an employee to leave, even if they think they should. Good conditions and salaries are real drugs, and they can numb someone. 

So, if you feel that one of your staff members is performing OK, but you know that they will never grow in your organization, you have the responsibility to determine if it would be better for this person to evolve in another organization, even if it’s painful for you. Your own interests don’t matter if you aren’t considering your employees’ interests. 

After more than 15 years in business, I can say with certainty that over 90% of the staff we’ve let go are way happier now than they were with us, and that’s really awesome. 

Doing the right thing will always be the right thing, and it does feel really good.