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Planning a development project is simple, right

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SimplyPHP, Planning a development project is simple, right
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Most project developments end up being nightmares. We think this can be avoided with a few minor adjustments.

Obviously, writing a detailed list of requirements goes without saying, as well as thinking about every possible use case. But let’s take a step forward and talk about expectations.

When planning their requirements, many product owners get developers’ two cents about their general idea, unconsciously avoiding some relevant details in hopes of being told what they want to hear. Does this sound familiar?

Then, once they are done building their documentation, if we can call it that, they get very different feedback and get nervous, and that’s where it all falls apart.

Project development is like giving birth – it takes as long as it takes. If you try and rush it, you’ll only cause problems.

So, with that in mind, you need to be fully transparent with developers, and developers should be fully transparent with you. Also, both need to stay cool during the process. Once the project development is started, the product owner must do their best to leave their developers alone.

Developers should also work hard to be disciplined and strive to stay within their initial estimates. If they are concerned that they cannot, this issue should be addressed as soon as it arises.

At the end of the day, avoiding unreasonable expectations and communicating well will solve 80% of development challenges. What do you think?