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Never judge a developer’s old work

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SimplyPHP, Never judge a developer's old work
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Have you ever heard someone say: “This spaghetti code is so bad!”?

We’ve all heard this at some point in our careers. Being judgmental is the laziest form of thought because it doesn’t require any sense of questioning.

Unless you have 100% of the context of any situation, including information about the specific time they did the work, you absolutely can’t offer an objective judgment.

Being open-minded is the ultimate form of thinking. To be more open-minded, start flexing your curiosity. For example, you could say: “I’m wondering why this was built this way?” or “I’m wondering if the developer had any time constraints during the development?” and so on.

An easier way to understand what I’m trying to explain is this: think about your current project and how someone might be looking at it three years from now. That’s right.