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Money buys useful things, but not happiness and fulfillment.

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SimplyPHP, Money buys useful things, but not happiness and fulfillment.
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For most people to understand what I just said, they have to have been both broke and “wealthy”. Money is a double-edged sword that will 10x who you are as a human being. If you’re a nice and giving person, you’ll be nicer and give more. If you’re bitter about what’s happening in the world, you’ll be more bitter. It just exposes you. 

Happiness never came from money and never will. It might bring some short-term excitement, but it never brings true happiness. Happiness comes from fulfillment, giving, growth, and love – but not from dollars. 

When considering a new position in a company, money needs to be part of the equation, along with many other elements. For example:

  • Will you grow within the company? Will you continue to enhance your knowledge?
  • Is the upper management team made up of nice, kind people?
  • Are they transparent? Do they offer a sense of certainty?
  • What about the staff? The culture? Does it promote kindness?

There are many variables other than salary to consider when looking at a new opportunity. More than 90% of the people who left us for a bigger salary didn’t last long in their new role – usually a year or less. 

Happiness is the only ROI (Return on Investment) that matters. I’ve seen multiple people refuse a 20% increase on an offer and come back to us later sharing how happy they are for not making the move. 

I’m seriously not bragging, because we’re far from perfect. I’m sharing this to try to convince you that, truly, money is a tool, but it won’t solve everything.