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Let’s talk about productivity

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SimplyPHP, Let's talk about productivity
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This is not another ‘how to increase your productivity’ post. Well, maybe it is a little. I’m trying to shed some light on a few things that aren’t often mentioned when discussing productivity.

So, let’s assume you’re interested in improving your productivity at work – we should first answer some basic questions:

· Do you like your job?
· If you like your job and you’re still not productive, why?
· Are you surrounded by distractions?
· Do you have low energy?

You need to start somewhere to find the root cause, then determine a solution.

Writing this post would be easier if I already knew the answers to those questions. Instead, let me share some basic information I’ve learned.

– If you are not productive because you don’t like your job.

Well, there’s not much to do here. Ask yourself why you don’t like it, and if it’s ultimately not your fault, change something. There is no way you can be productive in the long run without having some passion for your work.

– You’re surrounded by distractions.

That is an easy thing to fix. If, for example, your family is distracting you while you work, a simple conversation about boundaries and quiet time can help make a less distraction-prone work environment. Any good partner would help you with that, and if not, you might have a deeper problem than just your productivity.

– You’re stressed.

And not necessarily by your work. Something might be stressing you out, and you have difficulty focusing on your work. I’ve been there, and other than tackling what’s bothering you, there is not much else you can do.

There is always a root cause to every problem, but it may not be visible on the surface. You need to be smart enough to reflect on what’s going on and be honest with yourself.