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It’s such a rare case, anyway

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SimplyPHP, It's such a rare case, anyway
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Ever heard that? We’ve heard it lots of times. “Just do a quick fix, this is such a rare case…” 

Well, I guess that developers working for that well-known large public company I have in mind (we all know which company I’m talking about, especially if you’re a designer) thought that it would be rare, so now I’m stuck dealing with the same issue on my account. For years.  

ALWAYS ask questions when you hear such a statement. You could simply ask: “Could it be possible for it to no longer be rare in the future?” 

The issue I’m about to describe might not be so rare, but it’s a first for me.  

First, their portal is confusing as hell. Between personal, business, and team accounts, whenever I need to find an invoice I need to follow my own tutorial to figure out where it is. 

But the BEST part is that for some reason I’ve been able to create 2 different accounts with the same email. That’s right. So sometimes I land on the good account and sometimes on the wrong account. How? By entering a different password. Yikes! This sounds like the piece of code in the image.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that if it happens to billion dollar companies, it might happen to yours (or not). Just question those rare cases.