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Is it still relevant to have an office in tech

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SimplyPHP, Is it still relevant to have an office in tech
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It has been more than two years since remote work became the norm. Not that it never existed before, but the last two years have clearly made access to it more democratic.

I’m deeply convinced that most employees miss office life, seeing their colleagues, and enjoying conversations. But unfortunately, those same employees decided to leave their offices for good, so is it still relevant for a company to have a head office?

Frankly, I don’t think it is. It’s definitely nice for people who want to go in every once in a while, but the cost doesn’t make sense. Some people also believe that companies are saving a lot of money by not having offices, but in fact, there are other costs of being remote. An office typically costs a company less than $500 per month per employee. With salaries skyrocketing the past two years, those savings are long gone.

So, in a nutshell, we should have returned to the office, but employees worldwide decided not to do so. As a result, companies adapted. But sadly, in the long run, it’s the employees who will lose the most from this, especially when it comes to socializing, mental health, etc.

It’s a new era, and everyone adapts and moves on.