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Is failure the root cause of happiness

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SimplyPHP, Is failure the root cause of happiness
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Everyone’s so afraid of failure, but I think it’s one of the greatest gifts we regularly receive in life. Without failures, there is no success. It’s just not possible.

Talk to any great programmer and ask them how they became great. Within twenty seconds, they’ll tell you about the many mistakes that made them grow. Everyone should welcome failure, even when it’s painful, and stop for a minute and reflect on what lesson is about to be learned.

Imagine you just committed some code, and you realize that you screwed something up (sounds familiar, eh?). If it’s urgent, fix it immediately, but make sure you take a moment to pause and ask yourself: “What mistake did I just make? How can I learn from it in the future?”

The same goes for every single aspect of life. Any business (in particular, any successful business such as ours), has made thousands of mistakes but had enough capital to cover and repair them.

Without failure, you can’t grow. Without growth, you can’t be happy. Without happiness, you just can’t live. Failure is the beginning of ANYTHING good.