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If you can’t trust your devs, let them go

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SimplyPHP, If you can't trust your devs, let them go
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Recently I heard a story about some devs being ‘supervised’ by their superiors and feeling stressed. I put “supervised” in air quotes because I really mean they’re micro-managing.

Although I totally understand managers expressing concern if devs are not doing their work or are inefficient, it serves no one when you micromanage them. Many devs are introverted, shy, and can be insecure, which means that pressure should be avoided whenever possible. Since 70% of dev work consists of thinking and planning, they must have the freedom to think without having to deal with a stressed-out superior.

Of course, mistakes are made, and stress is a part of life. Your responsibility as a leader is to reassure and support your team so that they can deal with the stressful situation most effectively.

We’re all human beings, and for the most part, devs are not (and will never be) business owners, so don’t expect them to act that way.