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If you can’t think outside the box, get someone to do it for you

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SimplyPHP, If you can't think outside the box, get someone to do it for you
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Remember in elementary school, when you had a quiz and were so sure you scored well until it was marked by someone else? When someone else is looking over your work, you find a lot of mistakes, eh?

Programming is no different. When you’re stuck on a problem for too long, it’s always a good idea to bring in a fresh set of eyes. Leave your ego aside and just do it. If you do this, two things can happen:- As you’re explaining the situation to your colleague, you’ll find the answer to your issue because the act of explanation makes you think outside the box.- They’ll find the solution in no time.Way too many devs have developed an enormous ego and don’t want to ask for help. I’m personally the opposite. I would bug people all day to help me find solutions if I could. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, mind you, but it’s worked for me at least.