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How come so many developers ignore the fundamentals?

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SimplyPHP, How come so many developers ignore the fundamentals
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This post is pure observation, but quite frankly, what I see alarms me.

In the past two years specifically, we’ve never seen more situations where good developers don’t know their IT fundamentals. I’m not only referring to internal hires but also clients’ developers. I’m not sure whether it’s related to schools or a lack of curiosity, but it’s still scary.

Here are some real-life examples:

– They’re asked for their public IP address and reply with 192.168…
– They don’t know how to connect via SSH to a server
– They ask for help because a service isn’t working, only to have someone type “service start” and it starts running
– Crash on prod, but says it runs on their local, only to find out they have a 12900k with 64GB DDR5…
– They ask for help, don’t run on prod, and the function returns false if it’s not a local IP.

Now, as you can see, those are mainly related to the server-side, which isn’t really coding. However, a good developer should know the essential server and network basics.

I know this post might start some debates, so let’s be constructive if you want to chime in.