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How can you have integrity in development?

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SimplyPHP, How can you have integrity in development?
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First of all, are you honest? It’s a simple question, eh? But in your gut, do you believe that you are an absolutely honest person? 

If the answer is “maybe” (or worse, “no”), you might need to work on that before reading the following. 

Integrity in development or in business can also be called ‘The Strategy of Preeminence’, as created by Jay Abraham. This strategy focuses on the receiver and their best interests. 

In other words, it’s ALWAYS about what’s good for (or what best serves) your clients and employees, and not your company. For example:

  • Your client wants to develop a feature in a certain way, but it will affect the stability of their application. It’s your responsibility to convince them not to do it, even if it costs you the deal.
  • If your client is being rude to your employee and you can’t fix it? You should fire the client.
  • If your employee is rude to your client and you can’t fix it? You see where I’m going with this.
  • Could you make a fortune developing something for a client, but you know he could pay much less if you do it differently? You know the answer.

Either you have integrity, or you don’t. And if you say you have it, then walk the talk.