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How can you become a great programmer

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This is a great question. Before answering it, let’s clarify what we think makes a great programmer. Being a great programmer isn’t just about being good at programming. There are many characteristics to learn and become skilled at before you can actually be considered ‘great’.

Ability to troubleshoot.

Some programmers who know how to code well do not know how to troubleshoot. Troubleshooting should be something you get obsessed with, something you can’t stop working at until the solution has been found. With time, you’ll naturally become better at it.

Ability to foresee what the app might need.

All great programmers I’ve seen were adept at asking questions about what the application might be doing in the future so they could better plan its foundation. Being a great programmer involves your capacity to not only live in the moment but also reflect on and plan for the future.


Why, you may ask? Well, this is an excellent quality to develop when dealing with product owners. They aren’t developers and may be stressed and intimidated by the development process. Understanding their requirements while advising them with empathy is definitely something that will make your work much easier. In our experience, this prevents a lot of stress during the development process and helps to limit scope creep.

You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd if you can be good at only these three points – while also being a proficient coder.