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Have a Zoom interview? Here are a few tips to make them successful

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SimplyPHP, Have a Zoom interview? Here are a few tips to make them successful
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Two years ago, Zoom interviews were not common. Now, they’re a normal part of life. Since their popularity is still extremely recent, we’ve gathered a few tips to make your remote interview successful.

First, the best thing you can do is have a good microphone. If you’re still using your webcam microphone, get a replacement ASAP. For example, a Blue Yeti Nano costs about $100CAD and can make a huge difference.

Once you have a good mic, make sure you know how to use it. For some microphones, you need to focus your voice towards the tip, while for others (like the Yeti Nano), they pick up more on the sides. Do some tests.

Now for the webcam. Fortunately, it’s much less important than lighting. If you can’t have some natural light, you might just want to open a TextEdit full-screen and have it illuminate your face. If you have windows in your room, make sure they face you. Not on the side, and certainly not behind you. They must be in front of you.

Lastly, virtual backgrounds get a resounding NO from me. This might be more of a personal choice, but I just find them cheesy and not on point yet. If you have a disaster behind you, there’s a good chance the background will glitch out and show it anyway. You’re much better off sticking to a simple white background.

It doesn’t take much work to make your interview setup look good. You can even watch YouTube videos to learn how to get a great layout on a minimal budget.