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Going the extra mile is synonymous with success and advancement

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SimplyPHP, Going the extra mile is synonymous with success and advancement
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With work-life balance and social life being two super-important considerations these days, a large majority of employees strictly work their hours and close the books when they’re done.

Does that make the person a bad employee? Not at all! In the majority of cases, great employees are 100% dedicated at work, efficient, and perform well.

Everyone wants to spend more time with their loved ones or just relax without having to think about the problems of the office. We encourage all of our employees to do the same. Our work schedules are flexible, and employees can choose whether they want to work from home or the office. We’re also very understanding when an unforeseen event arises and the employee must be absent for all or part of a day.

However, what happens when one or more employees refuse to go the extra mile when asked? Just to be clear: I’m not talking about business leaders who always ask their employees for more and are never grateful for the extra effort put in by their staff. I am talking about an emergency or exceptional situation where help is greatly appreciated.

At first, the management could be less conciliatory with them, even if they are doing an excellent job during working hours. Secondly, colleagues who put their shoulder to the wheel could see their colleagues’ refusal to help as laziness or a lack of interest towards them and the company. Additionally, the client could feel abandoned, tarnishing the relationship between the customer and the company.

Here are a few great examples of habits and actions that will help make a person more successful:

– Agreeing to stay a few hours at the office when the client encounters a problem
– Deciding to follow up or carry out an emergency fix on the weekend
– Remaining available outside of regular working hours
– Being reachable in the event of an emergency

The more an employee offers of their time and effort, the more respect they’ll gain from their peers and the management. At the end of the day, it’s all about give and take. When you agree to make this extra effort, you take a step ahead of employees who systematically refuse this kind of situation. This ensures your dedication will be rewarded.