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Feeling exhausted as a developer

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Is programming is so exhausting?

Most of the time, being exhausted as a developer / programmer isn’t caused by overwork. Think about it for a second. What is the opposite of excitement? That’s right, boredom. And what does boredom cause? Typically, bored people feel down, tired, and exhausted.

The vast majority of developers are getting to a point where they believe that burnout is caused by a lack of enjoyment of their work. Some common triggers include performing the same tasks repeatedly, not learning anything new, or not growing in your skills. I believe these are the leading causes of developer boredom.

However, if we dig down a bit more, you may notice that this feeling often comes after personal issues prevent them from focusing and enjoying their passion. Unfortunately, there’s no great way to solve this. As an employer (and this applies to any position), the best thing you can do is try to give them tasks or responsibilities that encourages growth, joy, and learning.

And obviously, having an open-door policy helps, so they can share what’s happening in their personal lives if they so choose.

In other words, you should give them all the tools they need to enjoy their work and the support required to solve their personal problems. You won’t be perfect. No person or company ever will be. You just need to do your best to support your staff while properly managing the company as a whole.