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Execution isn’t just the key, it’s EVERYTHING!

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SimplyPHP, Execution isn't just the key, it's EVERYTHING!
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Execution isn’t just the key, it’s EVERYTHING! 

We’ve all heard at some point that execution is key. However, we rarely realize how important it is and how to apply it to real-life situations. 

First and foremost, there won’t be any article (or posts like this one) that can make you take action. My hope is to motivate you to do something that will lead you to become an incredible executor. 

Execution is like the fuel for a car. Most people dream of a car that’s shiny, tuned-up, and extremely sexy, but don’t picture much beyond that. In reality, you also need fuel (or a battery) and a driver. You are the driver, and your will to execute is your fuel. 

The most common mistake people make when planning something is overthinking everything. Actions come first, answers come second. Once you know what you want to do, you need to act right away – the same day, even. The action doesn’t need to be big, but it should be something. Starting to think about the details will kill your plan from day one. Act now, and think along the way. 

Any time I executed properly, I focused only on executing and just cruised controlled myself into just doing it. The thinking came much later. In other words, only take out your shovel when it snows.