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Entrepreneurship is in a period of transition

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SimplyPHP, Entrepreneurship is in a period of transition
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Most people who have never had any entrepreneurial experience can’t understand how difficult it is. In fact, I bet entrepreneurship is just as stressful as professions considered some of the most demanding in the world, such as firefighting, police work, or military operations.

It takes a lot of courage (or naïveté) to risk everything and start a business. Most businesses have a meager chance of success within ten years, and many close within five.

Despite all these facts, many people still look at entrepreneurs as selfish rich people when the vast majority of them can barely pay themselves a decent salary.

This opinion of entrepreneurs has always been present, but in the last two years seems to have become even more prevalent. I believe this is a regrettable catastrophe. There are many reasons why starting a business has become less and less appealing, including:

– Entrepreneurs’ work is less and less appreciated and actively devalued.
– Taxes have become prohibitive.
– The cost of everything is overly high, including employees.
– Following the point above, lots of employees are expecting instead of hoping or asking.

I know this list could be posted on its own, and I might actually do it. Just let me say, the most significant thing I’ve seen in 2 years, which is a huge pandemic casualty, is that because of the aggressiveness of some businesses, many employees don’t see anything as privilege anymore. Instead, they expect everything, so they will demand it from their employer, which is hugely bad for entrepreneurship.

Comments to this post will dictate whether or not I will write more on the subject and elaborate more on some of the points I made above.

One thing is for sure, there is a huge need for a good balance between entrepreneurs and employees. Otherwise, in the near future, there will be fewer companies, fewer jobs, and tons of people spending weeks or even months looking for a job. I believe this era of too many opportunities for the availability of resources is temporary.