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Does remote work influence productivity

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Remember when we all used to work from the same office? When you had an issue, you could stand up and walk over to a colleague to ask for their help. It feels like decades ago.

On the other hand, when we’re working from home, it’s common to waste time waiting for people to answer a basic question. That’s been familiar to all of us over the last two years, right?

Remote work has facilitated some important benefits, especially in the beginning when it was still new. But, now that we’re used to it, can you honestly say that your work and your company’s productivity haven’t suffered compared to before the pandemic?

We did some research and found two interesting studies. One was conducted by David Powell, the president of Prodoscore, who concluded that his company’s productivity increased by 5% during the pandemic. Similar research from Owl Labs found that remote/hybrid employees were 22% happier than employees in an onsite office.

Those are interesting, of course. However, those studies were conducted during the pandemic, and we don’t know what it will look like in the future.

In my opinion, the one central element overlooked in most studies is the future impact on our social life when we are not in an office. Even introverted people benefit from seeing smiles and greeting their colleagues each morning. Studies five years from now will be fascinating.

If the past repeats itself, we can envision people returning to their offices in the medium to long-term.