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Bring young geeks into your company!

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SimplyPHP, Bring young geeks into your company
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One thing I’ve noticed throughout my life is that technology evolves quickly. When people have been working in tech for more than a decade, it can be hard for them to keep their knowledge current.

Why? Well, I’ve been thinking this over for the past two weeks, and here’s what I’ve realized:- After over a decade in tech, it’s hard to change what makes you comfortable. A lot of people are not hungry like they were in their 20s, and that’s totally ok- Often, a company specializes in one area and lacks knowledge in other technologies- Management is not open-mindedThe last point is super important. Companies must encourage their employees to bring new ideas to the table. They can do this by listening, and most importantly, implementing the best ideas their employees suggest.Today, most of our company processes have come from ideas brought in by our employees. Even though we’re lucky enough to have an experienced and knowledgeable group of managers and senior employees, it’s often the ‘hungry’ employees who bring in the ideas that change our policies and working habits.All of this is to say that if you have the opportunity to bring on new people to challenge your team, you should always do it. Otherwise, your company could start to stagnate.