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Are years of experience crucial for a developer

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SimplyPHP, Are years of experience crucial for a developer
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Is it the end of the world if you:

Don’t have ten years of experience in programming?

Don’t know every single web programming language?

Can’t code with one hand and make a coffee with the other?

Absolutely not! You can still be a great developer as long as you cultivate one critical skill.

Suppose you know programming quite well but don’t have much experience coding applications. What comes to your mind (besides “what’s wrong with you?”) if I tell you that it doesn’t matter, here are the requirements, please build it?

Most likely, your first thought is that you have a lot of research to do. If that’s what you thought, that’s wonderful. This instinct is a sign of your resourcefulness.

This is the main key to compensating for any lack of experience you may have. By being resourceful, you’ll solve problems naturally just by finding your own way. And by trying and trying obsessively, you’ll become much better than anybody who learns from work experience alone.

I would personally prioritize a resourceful candidate with only a year of experience in the workplace over someone more complacent with five years of experience. The resourceful candidate will evolve much faster and will always find a way. More importantly, they’ll be an autonomous and self-motivated worker, which I love.

Not many companies will tell you that they’re looking for autonomous developers. Those developers are the best of the best. They are low maintenance and do their work alone! Sounds crazy, eh? In my opinion, resourcefulness is the top, if not in the top three of the best quality to have as a developer.