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Are some companies in denial

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SimplyPHP, Are some companies in denial
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Lots of companies are calling on their employees to return to the office. Is that a good or bad idea? Well, if one thing happened in the past two years, it’s remote work. Even myself, as a SimplyPHP owner, I’m moving to another province and will work predominantly remotely. So, am I in the wrong? Or are the companies going back into the office the ones getting it wrong? Well, we’ll know soon enough.

Nonetheless, remote work has provided many benefits to our company, and we’re not ready to let that go. Of course, it would be super nice to be all together in an office and see each other’s faces daily, just like it would be nice if Michael Jackson were alive today. However, it’s all in the past. Maybe one day we’ll go back, just as maybe one day we’ll have a new type of Michael Jackson. Who knows. But for this moment, working remotely is a no-brainer.

Many companies and employees choose to ignore the benefits of remote work, and I’m still unsure why those companies are calling their employees back to the office. Even the parking lots in downtown Montreal (with hundreds of spots) are entirely occupied.

I’ll leave this here. Please comment and share what you think.